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Sleepy time and night shots

All but a few are under covers and protected from direct rain for winter storage. During the winter I keep it very simple and stack them up off the ground and ignore them until spring until new growth start to push.

This year I'm trying something new and planning to water the plants that are wrinkled/look thirsty considering they have been rooted for more than a couple seasons. In the past I have left them alone and did not water them and lost some due to dehydration. So it's a balance that I'm trying to find on how moist the pots should stay during the dormancy season.

This is why when rooting during the growing season I stop buying cuttings in May so that I can focus on the root system developing to survive it's first dormancy. Going into the the winter months when I see trees that are wrinkled it's because the root system is under developed or the tree is dehydrated and needs more water.

The trees in the ground will be left alone with no special treatment from the frost or rain. I have a few larger 15 gallon trees that I will keep them out to get rained on and keeping my fingers crossed they will be ok.

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