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Plunging new plants to your garden

Every year when I would acquire new plants I like to remove the top two inches of soil and replace it with my own mix and plunge it into the ground or into a larger pot. Sometimes the mix is to heavy and retains to much moisture which can lead to rot. Especially the plants from the bog box stores they pot them up pretty deep in the pot and place heavy soil to help them in transportation.

A lot of the times the tree was rooted that season so I don’t want to disturb the roots and plunging will help insulate the developing roots and let the roots grow out of the drainage holes into the larger pot. I have lost so many newly developed roots when transplanting them into a new pot right when I get them and it just sets them back. You can transplant them into the larger pot you plunged it the following season and don't feel bad about the roots that break because the main rootball in the main pot is fully intact and majority of the roots are the feeder roots sticking out.

When watering you can water both pots or even just the larger pot so the roots will grow in search of the moisture. I like to focus on the root system the first year of any plant so that it has a higher chance to survive its first winter dormancy.

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