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How it all started

Growing up I was fortunate to visit Hawaii with my parents most of the time we went to Oahu on summer vacations and loved everything about the islands from the culture, food, lifestyle and all the beautiful plants. By the end of my vacation I was dark enough I fit right in until they heard my Bay Area Cali accent. We would always go to the Aloha Stadium Swap meet and my mom would always buy cuttings from Clarence and attempt to root the cuttings coming back from Hawaii. Surprisingly enough my mom never got them to root even with her green thumb so now I'm happy to be able to fill her garden with endless amounts of plumeria blooms now.

Coming home from a family trip from Hawaii in October I saw these cuttings on sale buy 5 get 1 free right out side our gate. I figured if I'm going to try now is the time so I picked these cuttings up and the rest is history. I had family that went to Hawaii a couple months after us and I would always aked for plumeria items like cuttings, seeds or clothing. My brotha Jonerey has been trying to get me to start growing plumeria and I never showed interest but when I saw these at the airport I knew if I can get one to root then it was game over. Joined all the different plumeria groups and asked endless amount of questions to many plumeria mentors that I call friends today.

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