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Checking in on the plants

Did a quick visit to my parents to do some things and of course you know I’m going to check on the plants. Two large trees Happy NOID and Puu Kahea stump seem to be happy getting rained on. Before the rain came I told mom no more watering and Happy NOID was wrinkled and I was a little worried. Now that it has rained it’s plumped back up just hope it makes it through the winter. Need to find a nice spot for these two and put them in the ground next season.

I also have some problem plants that are under shade cloth and get some rain but not full direct rain that seem to be doing ok there. Last season I left a couple of trees there all year ignored and seemed to do just fine so I’m testing to see if the others will be ok.

Some of the tubed plunged plants were wrinkled so mom watered them a little and they seem fine so far we shall see how they bounce back in spring. Over all with all the cold freezing temps we have had so far there are no physical tips that look damaged and haven’t come across any plants with rot working up from the soil line. It’s still very early in winter but looking forward to the new season to come.

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