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Repotting plants

When potting up a cutting or even repotting a plant into a larger pot I don’t like to have the root ball to deep in the pot.

In the first picture the plant on the left with all the extra space left in the pot can cause sunburn and kill the plant because the pot can radiate heat so I like to bring the soil all the way to the top. And it’s not a quick fix by just adding more soil because now the plant is to deep and could cause rot from wet roots.

In the 2nd and 3rd photo you can see where I marked a line which is maybe 2-3 inches from the bottom you can see it is still visible from the soil line which will give the roots plenty of room to grow in the pot protect it from rot and getting burned because the cutting was planted to deep. I also like to use a stake to hold it in place for a year until the roots have established and shouldn’t break the newly grown roots when moving around. I hope the visual aids help when potting your plants feel free to ask questions below.

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